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100% handmade and unique copper tiles

August 11, 2020 | 182 Comments

Copper tiles made by our company are a real treasure to be displayed in your house. We make metal tiles that are unique backsplash for your very special house project.
I might want to welcome you to my shop where you can appreciate seeing creative copper tiles and you could arrange my high quality copper, metal and hardened steel tiles. In my shop you can arrange single copper tile or copper mosaic tiles. The equivalent about metal tile and hardened steel tile. Each metal tile is hand made and wonderful.
I generally attempt to meet the desires of my customers and I present new sorts of copper mosaic tiles to my offers.
I saw that a few clients getting some information about copper patina tiles and I added patina tiles to my offer.
Another gathering of individuals is getting some information about copper backsplash tiles since it is elegant to have high quality copper divider tiles in kitchen and they get this as well. Copper tiles backsplash and metal tile backsplash are an extraordinary method to make more unpretentious environmental factors. It is particularly well known pattern among individuals who genuinely welcome the high quality of handcraft.

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