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How a smart home helps running the family


The things you hear about smart home often revolve around all the awesome stuff you can do with home automation. From making your own home cinema to cool ideas with any amount of smart home devices. However, Mirjam and Dave, parents of two boys, found a much more practical way of applying smart home technology in their day to day lives. They’re raising their kids in a smart home, and even though some of their devices are dedicated to the cool and fun stuff, most of their gadgets are tailored to help manage their family life.

Family members include mother Mirjam, father Dave, sons Luuk and Noa, and a border collie pup named Ollie. When the youngest of the bunch, Noa, started primary school six years ago, the family moved into a bigger home. Complete with a garden and an attic. This was something completely different to their apartment in the city center.

A hit

It all started with a Philips Hue starter kit, the popular smart lighting range of Philips. The lamps proved to be a big hit with the family, especially the colour changing possibilities in the bed- and living rooms was a feature the kids loved. For the parents it was a breathe of fresh air to be able to change the lights with a mobile application.

As the boys progressed in primary school, Mirjam and Dave both started working full-time again. Luckily, both close to home, so they could take turns in picking up the kids from school and taking Ollie for walks. This was fine for the time being, but as the kids grew older and older, Mirjam and Dave felt overwhelmed by managing four schedules at once.

Suddenly, the couple had to take care of their kid’s houseguests, keep up with the housekeeping, all the extracurriculars of their kids and working two full time jobs. Not to mention the dog that went through phases. Home automation gadgets seemed to be the answer to a few hiccups Dave and his wife encountered in raising the boys.

Night lights

Noa was up constantly in the middle of the night and would wake up his parents if he had to go to the bathroom. After a father-son talk, they concluded he was a bit scared in the dark.

So the family repurposed their Philips Hue lights. Instead of providing cool colours during movie time in the living room, they moved up a floor to function as night lights in the hallway. Through a smart schedule, the lights turned on automatically at night. And, after a few weeks of testing, they noticed it helped out a lot. However, with every victory a new challenge appears.

According to Dave, Philips Hue lights aren’t the cheapest. “And the idea that the lamps would be turned on through the whole night felt like a waste of energy”, Mirjam tells us. So, they changed out the Philips Hue lights for a cheaper set of 433MHz KlikAanKlikUit bulbs. That way, a cheaper lamp is used.

But it didn’t feel like a smart solution to the problem. The lamps were still glowing all night, which was part of the problem in the first place. However, they found an answer in smart sensors.

“The idea really came from when I stayed at a hotel for work”, Dave tells us, “it seemed such an easy solution. Using motion sensors to switch on the lights. I never thought of using it in a residential environment.” Dave figured out he needed a motion sensor and a smart lamp in order for it to work. However, most motion sensors can’t be easily programmed to control wireless smart lights. Mirjam and Dave, both working in advertising, lacked the expertise to get this to work through an open source smart home platform such as IFTTT or Domoticz.

After a bit of research, they found out they could really address this problem with a smart home hub. A system that could connect different devices together, and would trigger certain scenario’s based on the actions of the family, without needing to brush up on programming skills and taking a crash course in hardware requirements. They landed on what seemed to be the most versatile and cost efficient smart home hub they could find: Homey.

Automating everything

With Homey they were able to easily connect a smart lamp that worked through 433MHz to a Fibaro Motion Sensor that was wirelessly connected through Z-Wave. No programming required. This sparked the debate as to whether or not they should expand their range of smart home gadgets used throughout the house.

They agreed that as long as the device in question would contribute to house security and child safety, it would be a worthwhile purchase. A few smart plugs made their way into the house to set limitations to the devices the kids use. “They’re at an age now where they can be home alone for a few hours. Based on their presence we can turn on certain devices for them, so that they don’t have to get close to the power outlets or have to fight us about how long they’re allowed to watch TV.”

And, trying not to be the uncool parents, when Luuk brings one of his classmates over, the timer is – of course – turned off.

Chore management

The smart plugs proved to be quite handy in a lot of different situations. “It was the smart light story all over again”, Dave says, “we found way too many different uses for the few we had, so we needed a few more.”

Through their smart home hub, Homey, and a few Fibaro Smart Plugs they created a set of home automation rules that helped report different things. For example when the dishwasher is ready. Every family member has their own set of chores. Luuk gets a message on his smartphone once the dishwasher is ready, so he can unload it. Dave takes care of the washing machine and the tumble dryer, and Mirjam gets notifications every other day to take care of a few remaining tasks, such as watering the plants.

The family seems to repurpose a lot of devices to fit their needs. Instead of just turning appliances on or off remotely, a common use case involving smart sockets, their smart plugs report and notify family members. Lamps set the mood, but are also used as visual alarms, nightlights and to notify somebody is ringing the doorbell.

Peace of mind

The couple claims to have had a lot of new-found peace of mind ever since their smart home system made it’s way into their lives. Even though they still have to consider and think about most smart home purchases they make, they have an agreement: As long as the gadget improve home security, they’ll get it. “We don’t have expensive automated blinds, or garage doors, or even a wireless controlled soundsystem, but we do have a lot of security measures taken care of.”

They’ve installed their very own state-of-the-art presence simulation, which makes their home look lived in, even when they’re not there. There are numerous motion sensors and other triggers in place to prevent burglars from getting into their home.

The beauty of wireless

The couple explains that they like a clean and sleek aesthetic, which is reflected in their interior decoration. With Homey, a lot of things from different brands can work together, which opens up a lot of possibilities. They can actively look for the devices that fit right in. No cables, just wireless technologies. That way the family can do whatever they like, without having to make a compromise interior-wise.

Got inspired? Check out Homey at the official website.

Reasons to Buy Air Conditioners

When summer strikes, is not fun. The weather can get very hot and you need something to survive. This is where the air conditioning comes into play. The air conditioning is there to give you a lift in case your house can get too much to bare.

Air conditioning might not be something everyone affords. It is a necessary thing but that sometimes might cost a lot of money. Having air conditioning in place might make up for it though. In order to find some great deals, just look for Airconditioning in London.

Where to find air conditioners

There are a lot of companies that can offer you the most needed things regarding air conditioning. You are able to choose from a lot of alternatives. Determining which is best is done based on what desires and needs you have. Also, people need to take into consideration the size of the house as well.

Airconditioning in London can be found by just searching on the internet for some alternatives. There are professionals who handle this sort of business. They are there to offer you advice’s. Also, they can take care of the installation of air conditioners as well. It is not such a tough thing to find.

Why to buy air conditioners

For the long run an air conditioner will pay for itself. This is because, summer does come every single year and so you need a back-up plan. You need to make sure that you are able to find the best alternative on the market in this case.

In order to find the best air conditioners on the market, you can read the reviews that are left by users online. They are can give you an insight on what you need and how the perfect air conditioner should work. Also, you can find information on different brands that are available for sale.

Airconditioning in London is something that people who live in smaller flats might consider to be more important. This is because smaller places do make for a greater need to cool them out. Air conditioners are great for those who have some health issues as well.

Why are air conditioners good for your health?

Having health issues, especially heart problems during the summer is not that great. You can end up getting sick. You are most definitely in need of some air conditioning as well. This will help your body’s temperature cool down. It will then keep your temperature regulated and you will feel better.

Health issues are not something that you should play with and that is why you should consider buying an air conditioning. The investment can be seen as one done for your health. You will realize that it will pay for itself in a couple of years.

So, why not consider in buying a thing that is so necessary to our everyday lives? You do not need to think about the advantages for too long. There are a lot of these air conditioners on the market. Finding the best ones is not that tricky actually, you can find online alternatives.

Creative Writing Services: and Its GRADE Standard Are Ready to Help You Upgrade Your Skills

If every creative writing assignment causes you to plunge deep into depression because you have to literally squeeze every line out of your unwilling brain, it may mean that you are naturally indisposed to this kind of work. Or, more likely, it can mean that your professors messed up when teaching you or that you have missed a vital class or two and lack some vital knowledge and skill to successfully do jobs of this type. If it is the latter, you can greatly help your situation by hiring a freelance writer to prepare a sample for you. It won’t replace the knowledge you miss right away but will allow you to learn a number of useful tricks and methods that will help you deal with the next creative writing paper. In the course of time you will even be able to develop your own writing style that will look just as professional as those exhibited by people doing this work all the time.

Creative Writing Essays and Their Samples: Where Should I Get Them?

There are dozens (perhaps hundreds) of creative writing services on the Internet, and the quality of content they provide is very uneven. The secret to achieving success with their help lies in carefully choosing a company to buy a sample article from. Today we are going to talk about one of the more reliable agencies working in this field. provides creative writing services with an ultimate goal of helping its customers get progressively better at essay writing, which is implied in its GRADE standard. GRADE refers to five main founding principles of

  • Growth – meaning that clients are expected not to just blindly copy methods and techniques from their samples but acquire deeper understanding of them to write better on their own next time;
  • Reliability – in the sense that is always ready to start working on any assignment, when the order is placed it is all but guaranteed to be finished on time and strictly according to the client’s wishes;
  • Authenticity – claims that all their work is custom written and never contains any plagiarism;
  • Diversity – the company has a huge staff of writers capable of providing many different creative writing services from original writing to book proofreading and beyond;
  • Excellence – according to hiring policy, only the writers capable to prove their creative writing abilities are allowed to work for the company.

Are There Any Other Reasons to Choose

“A mission statement is a good thing, but does this creative writing service has anything more tangible to offer me? Will my project be safe if I hire them to do it”? If this is what you are currently thinking, let us calm you – has been around for a reasonable amount of time and didn’t spend it doing the same thing over and over again. It developed over time and introduced a number of policies to make cooperation with customers convenient and easy for both parties:

  • com customer support team and writers are available for communication at all times. Customers don’t have to wait when they find themselves in need of writing samples;
  • Numerous customizing options allowing you to define the form of your sample and conditions on which it will be provided. For example, Progressive Delivery cuts an assignment into several smaller pieces, paid for and delivered separately. When you receive the first chapter the writer can resume working on the rest of the paper while you read what is already finished and make your suggestions;
  • If a sample turns out to be lacking in any respect you can ask for revisions and receive them for free. There is a condition, though – flaws must be writer’s fault, not yours. If the writer simply followed your instructions, and you’ve decided to change them at the eleventh hour, such revisions you will have to pay for separately;
  • Attractive pricing policy. Taking into account the quality of writing, always remains reasonable in everything that concerns its fees.

In What Situations It Is Reasonable to Hire

As usual, it depends on what goals you pursue. Although reasonably affordable, writing isn’t dirt cheap, so if quality doesn’t concern you, it may be a wiser decision to find something cheaper or even download a free sample off some database. If, however, you want to have a well-written sample to study without having to pay an arm and a leg for it, then will be a fine choice.


The Most Important Characteristics of Roofing Contractors

Whether you need a roofing repair or replacement, you want to work with a roofing contractor that you can rely on. When searching for roofing contractors Beaverton Oregon residents tend to look for a few key characteristics.

Liability Insurance
Roofing requires getting up on top of your home. You don’t want anyone falling off the roof, especially if they don’t have liability insurance. This type of insurance ultimately keeps the roofing company responsible for any damage to your property as well as any injuries that occur with their employees. Without this insurance, you would be the one held responsible.

State Licensed
In order to become a roofer in Oregon, a company needs to receive a license from the state. If a roofing contractor is state licensed, you can rely more heavily on their services. It also shows that they are a responsible business as opposed to a “fly-by-night” company.

BBB Rating
You want to work with a roofing contractor that has a good reputation. The Better Business Bureau will provide you with the rating of local businesses upon request. The rating is based heavily on whether the business has received a large number of complaints.

Online Reviews
It’s important to find out what other consumers have to say about the roofing contractors. Online reviews will tell you what past customers have to say. You can learn about their timeliness, cleanliness, friendliness, and overall value.

You will need to do your due diligence when finding roofing contractors in Beaverton. Identify the services that you need as well as the materials you want. Not all roofers provide the same services or work with the same types of materials. After you have done your research, you can contact several companies in order to get quotes. You can also feel more confident once you choose a company.

Don’t Let Storm Damage Turn You Out of Your Home

If you live in an area where storms frequently cause damage to homes, you need to be prepared. This is a major cause of property damage that may not be fully preventable, but can at least be guarded against. If you want to minimize the amount of damage that a storm can do when it strikes your home, there are a number of important precautions you can take. But the most important thing you can do by far is to make sure that you have the name and number of a local provider of storm damage services handy.

What Precautions Can You Take Against Storm Damage to Your Home?

It’s an excellent idea to make sure that your cellar is in good order. Check this area of your home to make sure that your water heater and electrical panels are safely out of the way of possible flood water. You should also check all of the pipes and water mains in your home to make sure that they are in good shape. If a pipe looks like it is about to break or rust, you can call a local water damage restoration expert to help you replace them.

It’s Never a Good Idea to Try to Fix the Damage on Your Own

One thing that you should never do is attempt to fix any water damage issues by yourself. This is an area that will require the attention of a skilled and experienced professional. You may well end up making the problem worse while also causing the ultimate clean up job by an expert to cost much more than it originally would have. You may also cause injury to yourself or a family member. It’s better to give the job to a qualified expert.

How Can You Contact a Local Flood Damage Restoration Expert?

There are bound to be a number of flood and storm damage professionals in your area. Your best bet is to always hire the service that is local. You don’t want to wait hours for an out of town service to finally respond to your urgent calls. When you use a local service, you can usually have your problem answered on a same day basis. If you have any suspicions that you may end up needing these services, the time to contact a local expert is now.

When should you leave your umbrella and go limited?

Operating through an Umbrella PAYE service being a self-employed worker is an easy and effective way to get paid. Although, this may seem the best way to get paid it could be wise to consider the idea of setting up your own limited company. Here we will explore in detail when you should consider making the transaction.

It may seem complicated, complex and time consuming to set up your own limited company but here are some reasons to start.

Becoming a director

There is a big leap from the financial responsibility from operating through an umbrella contractor to solely running your own company. You will become much more involved with your finances which can allow greater control. It would be much more motivating to work for yourself knowing it is for your own benefit and profit where you govern in and out goings.

Your contract lengths are getting longer 

Contract lengths are a major factor that comes into play when choosing how to operate. For a limited company set up it would be necessary that you hold contracts on 3-months or longer to benefit from setting up your own limited company. If you are currently in this position, it may be the right time to consider this transition.

You may even find that once you have set up your own limited company, employers take you more seriously as a solid professional in the industry.

Prices have gone up

The primary reason to switch to limited from umbrella is so you can reap the benefits of maximising your take home pay. Usually you must be over £15ph or more for it to be worth running your own limited company says one of the senior managers from Bluebird accountancy based in Welwyn Garden City

Therefore, if you are doing well with your services and can afford to put up your prices then it may be the ideal time to start considering the limited company option. Hiring an accountant is also common for contractors to do, as they will take the financial burden off your finances whilst you focus on your skills and completing contracts. They may seem expensive but they are highly knowledgeable on law and legislations they you may not be aware of, if you get any deductions wrong this will fall on your shoulders.

You can potentially have a higher take home pay

It may seem simple operating through an umbrella company as you become an employee of the umbrella company, where all NI and Tax deductions are made accordingly and you are paid via PAYE without much worry or input. To some contractors the limited company option seems more appealing due to the fact that you are able to financially get more in involved and chose how your money is distributed. It allows you to pay yourself through dividends and a salary which will usually increase your take home pay.


Long Term Goals

One of the main reasons contractors may not want to set up a limited company is if their unsure about how long they will be contracting for however, if you are looking to grow and expand your skills and company then this is a great way to achieve your long-term goals. Becoming a director of your own limited company will allow you to slowly expand and add staff to your company. You will gain knowledge in the rules and regulations of running a company and dealing with HMRC.

You want to move from the public sector to the private sector

Due to the legislation changes by HMRC in 2017, public sector workers have significantly affected by this as some agencies demand they work through an umbrella company and are not allowed to operate as a limited company says a senior accountant from PWD Builders Woodstock. Public sector workers can no longer determine their own IR35 status to either operate inside or outside IR35, meaning they lose their control and the responsibility falls onto the end client. Due to the uncertainty and high responsibility required by the end client or recruitment agency this has resulted in contractors operating via a limited company all together. It has also become a popular for contractors to move into the private sector due to this legislation change, and will result in potentially receiving more take home pay – it may be wise to consult a IR35 specialist before defining your status.

Claiming Expenses

Becoming a director of your own limited company you are able to claim expenses that can be classed as business related expenses and activities. Therefore, if you have high out goings and travel expenses for your business then it may save you a lot of money in the long run.

Get expert advise

Specialised contractor accountants and PAYE umbrella firms have experts that will provide you with a free consultation to evaluate your situation and your current circumstances. You can be assured when speaking to us you will receive impartial advice tailored to you.

The best part of all, is that you can switch from an to umbrella to limited service free of charge (vice versa). Therefore, whether you are looking to set up for the first time or switch over from umbrella to limited, specialised contractor accountancy firms are happy to discuss your options and clarify for you which option is best for you.



How To Maintain Your Carpet Flooring

There are many benefits of installing carpet flooring in your home. The soft, warm material adds comfort and increases the value. However, your home may lose value if the carpet is stained or damaged. This is why maintenance is an important part of installing carpet in your home. It is not difficult to keep your carpet clean and flawless throughout the year. Here are several tips for maintaining your carpet flooring.

Invest In Doormats

You cannot always avoid stepping in mud or dirt while outside, but you can avoid tracking them onto your carpet. Place a doormat inside and outside every entrance of your home. Wipe your feet before entering your home to ensure you do not bring dirt in with you.

Clean It Frequently

Using a doormat is not enough to keep your carpet from getting dirty. You need to vacuum the high traffic areas several times per week, and give it a deep cleaning every 18 to 24 months. It is important to make sure you are using a vacuum cleaner that is approved for carpet flooring.

Clean Spills Immediately

A drip or spill on your carpet is inevitable, but it is important to clean up the spill immediately. You want to blot a liquid stain with an approved store-brought or homemade cleaning solution. If it is solid food, carefully remove the food with a spoon before blotting the area with your cleaner. Blotting instead of wiping will keep the stain from spreading throughout your carpet.

Use Scissors To Remove Damaged Pieces

If you find a loose piece of carpet, carefully clip it with a pair of scissors. Pulling on the loose piece may damage the carpet. Use curved fingernail scissors to clip the top of burnt fibers in a small area. If the burn covers a large area, you may need to patch or replace the carpet.

Rotate Your Furniture

You can prevent a permanent indentation by rotating your furniture every few months. If you find a deep indentation in your carpet, stroke the area with the edge of a coin. It is a harmless technique that removes the indentation from your carpet.

There are several companies that offer carpet installation Flower Mound, but you do need to take the time to maintain your carpet. Maintaining your carpet ensures it stays beautiful and intact for years to come.

A Backyard Oasis

Spring is quickly approaching, and that has everyone dreaming about the great outdoors. From those first few warm days in May until the last of the summer sun in September, homeowners are dreaming about how they can spend more time outside with their family and friends. The best way to endure plenty of fun in the sun is to create a backyard oasis.

Create an Anchor

The first step in creating your summer oasis is to construct an anchor. This means that you need a central place to be the main focal point and center of entertainment. Patios provide a nice open space where you can place a table and chairs or outdoor sofas and lounges in a pattern that encourages conversation. Decks are another great option. You can find Chicago deck builders such as DAL Builders Inc. by searching online or asking friends for referrals.

A Purpose to Go Outside

Now that you have a beautiful deck or patio to anchor your space, you need to figure out what the purpose of the area will be. If you plan to host evening meals, dress the space with a grill, table, and plenty of seating for friends and family. Would you rather turn the space into a personal get-away? Use lounge chairs or swings to create a comfortable place where you can relax with a good book.

Add Some Fun

You certainly do not want your outside oasis to be boring. Use this space as an escape from daily chores and electronics by providing plenty of old-fashioned fun. Families with young children should incorporate play houses, swing sets, and sand boxes into the design. Teens love volleyball nets, corn toss games, and bocce ball. To keep the adults happy you need to keep a deck of cards on hand or simply arrange seating so that they can enjoy the antics of the younger groups.

Now that you know how to turn your backyard into a summer oasis, you can spend more time together with family and friends while enjoying the rising temperatures. Having a comfortable and fun space to retreat to at the end of the day will encourage you to go outside and take part in all of the fun summer has to offer.

5 Ways to Make Your Small Room Feel More Spacious

Not everyone can afford a 3 bedroom apartment or a spacious house with your own yard and seemingly endless living space to enjoy.

And that’s perfectly fine. I’ve lived in different places – some of them were close to 100 m2, while others were less than 30 m2. While some things definitely changed, the fundamentals of my daily stayed the same thanks to a few tricks.

Let’s face it. Moving to the financial centers of the world (or our country) forces us to squeeze into tinier rooms to make ends meet. The transition was shocking to me at first, too. I had to downsize almost thrice!

However, in the end I was surprised how easy it was to get accustomed to my new surroundings. As a propagator of living cozily, I’d like to give you a few tips on making a small room feel way bigger than it really is!

It starts with the colors

This one is no secret, but I’ve seen quite a few people get it completely wrong anyways.

The lighter color, the more spacious your room will feel. Usually I’m not into pure white walls as they’re a little too ‘bright’ for my taste. However, colors like light blue or light green are a very good way to open up any living space.

This effect will be amplified if you don’t combine too many colors. Sticking to a monochrome color strategy and only playing around with the hues of your main color will yield even better results.

Optional: think about adding some striped patterns too. Especially on small rugs/carpets scattered around the floor. Stripes also contribute to making your living arrangements appear larger than they really are!

Stack, don’t sprawl

A strategy you can clearly see in some Asian countries where apartments are notoriously small! In many Western countries, we tend to arrange things in a ‘sprawling’ order.

Instead, some countries like South Korea or Japan stack things on top of each other, much like a tower. This opens up a lot of space and interestingly enough, has always looked quite stylish to me.

Of course, don’t overdo this – ending up with gigantic towers of drawers and whatnot piled upon each other. All I’m saying is you should probably balance between these two approaches to arranging your living space.

Think about being more minimalistic

We’re consumers to the core of our souls. And that’s kind of alright.

However, I see a lot of people overcluttering their homes for the sake of…I’m not sure exactly. Hoarding is a thing and it can really turn your apartment into a chaotic realm of things you don’t really need, but they’re scattered around anyways.

Think seriously about the furniture you actually need in your room. Can you get something that will be multifunctional (a sofa bed for example) and save you a good dose of space?

Downsizing to my smaller living arrangements made me realize how many things I thought I need in my old place…But I actually could live just fine without them!

Mirrors do help

Obviously, I’m not saying you’ll need a mirror plastered on every wall.

However, having one or two mirrors – they don’t even have to be that big, will make a tremendous difference to your room. Paired with lighter colors, mirrors do wonders in opening up any space, no matter how small it is.

Just pick a good place where you won’t risk breaking it on accident, of course!

On materials and curtains

Both of these are important. Similar to colors, lighter materials will refresh your apartment and make it appear comfortably large.

I usually like leather sofas, for example. But in the case of my 30 m2 apartment not only would one take too much space, it would actually feel a bit…oppressing, I guess.

Picking the proper materials is even more important when it comes to curtains. Some people actually recommend leaving your windows uncovered as it lets light come through at all time.

Of course, this is really dependant on how your apartment is positioned and your surroundings.

Sometimes, everything around you is noisy, outside it’s too hot or other bothersome factors. That’s why people invest in sound blocking or heat blocking curtains made of thick fabric.

If that’s the case, just make sure you pick the most cheerful/light colored variation of these thicker curtain type. Otherwise you’ll severely reduce how spacious your room really feels. I really recommend you go for lighter curtains, semi-transparent even, if your living surroundings allow it.






Complimenting Your Space with Wall Art

Unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to afford a Francis Bacon or Monet, wall art will often make a poor investment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick something that looks fantastic. In the following article, we’re going to offer some tips on choosing the perfect piece of canvas artwork for your home.

If you’re new to buying wall art, the choices available to you can be overwhelming, knowing where to start your search is half the battle. As with most purchases the internet is an obvious place to start, however, some people seem to have the misconception that approaching a preferred artist directly will result in a lower purchasing price, in reality, online galleries are often cheaper or the same amount compared to buying directly from the artist.

If you can, try and attend art school exhibitions, where you’ll be able to rub shoulders with talented young artists eager to make a dent in any student loans.

Create A Budget And Stick To It

Contemporary wall art is a particularly risky investment, as it’s near impossible to predict how famous artists work will become and whether or not it will hold or increase its value over the years. For anyone with a limited budget or who’s new to buying wall art, we would recommend original prints. Unlike giclee prints which are inkject reproductions of artwork, an original print is a hand-painted copy of an original made by the artist. Prices of original prints are quite affordable and start at around £50 – £100, they don’t have to be expensive, and they hold their value very well compared with a reproduction.

Let Your Emotions Guide You

Any good piece of wall art should evoke an emotional response, which might be a fond memory, a memorable location or just something with gives you a positive feeling. Finding that emotional connection is vital when buying wall art for your home. You must purchase something that you love, and you’ll know when you have that unique piece as it will jump out at you and have you thinking about it for days to come.

It’s incredibly important to remember that wall art can and will become the focal point of any space. It’s probably the single most important purchase you’ll make for your décor. For this reason, it’s vital that you pick something that connects with you on an emotional level, if you do this you can’t go wrong.

Think About Flow

Regarding interior design, this means choosing colours that compliment each other. You can either match a piece of wall art to your existing colour scheme, or you can pick out two to three colours from the artwork and add some coloured accents around the room that match.

Try to repeat the shapes and feel of your room in the wall art you choose. For example, if your furniture is simple, modern and sleek, select a piece of minimalist wall art featuring clean lines and angles. At its core, it’s about making sure everything works in synchronisation, that nothing sticks out and spoils to the vision of the space.

Give Consideration To Your Space

Whichever room you’re looking to incorporate wall art into it’s essential to give some thought to the atmosphere you’re creating. Some artists styles are full of noisy energy which will work quite well in a busy social environment such as a living room or kitchen. A quieter space such a bedroom or bathroom will warrant a calmer more relaxed feel to the style of art. It’s also important to think about the size of pieces, and whether they might be lost in a wall or look like, they’re spilling over.

Plan Before You Hang

It perhaps goes without saying, but try to avoid hanging painting in high locations, even if you have tall ceilings; wall art should be at eye level, not hanging above your head.

Before you go ahead and purchase wall lights to best highlight your wall art, consider that lights can interfere with the artwork, detracting from the original beauty. It might be a better option to opt for a recessed downlighter which can be angled to wash the wall art with light rather than shining directly on the piece.

Choose the type of light carefully. Warmer white light or cool white light can significantly affect the tone of a piece and the rest of the room. The light should be chosen to compliment the colours of the wall art and the room. If you have the budget to spare then a framing projector is a great option to frame a painting with light accurately.

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