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3 Changes in The Bedroom That Will Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is something that so many of us struggle with. Between having to work late and noisy neighbours waking us up early there’s hardly a hope! Well, here are three changes you can make in the bedroom that will improve your sleep.

  1. Improve the Comfort of Your Bed

Having an uncomfy bed is a guaranteed way to ruin your sleep. Tossing and turning all night unable to get comfy, meanwhile lumps poking into your back just aren’t a good time. The problem is that buying a new mattress is a costly purchase and one that shouldn’t be take lightly. But why not buy a new mattress topper instead? That way you can have all that luxury comfort at an absolute fraction of the price!

  1. Keep Your Phone Away From The Bed

Mobile phones are one of the great technological advances of the age but it’s not worth keeping them beside the bed for all the problems they cause. The light emitted from the screen actually stops the production of melatonin which is the hormone that passes round your body telling it it’s time to go to sleep. Without it you’re going to have a really tough time sleeping so keep the phone away from the bed.

  1. Create a Proper Routine

The human body responds so well to routines that having one in the bedroom really improves how easily you fall asleep and how you feel when you wake up. A great bedtime routine consists of having a set time you stick to each night, and a way of winding down before sleep. My hands down favourite wind down has got to be reading. Getting lost in a great book is just the best, it calms the mind and let your eyes fully relax. It becomes so easy just to put the book down close your eyes and fall asleep.

The otherside to that is waking up at the same time every day. Once your body gets the hang of waking up at the same time everyday it only gets easier and soon you’ll start waking up right before your alarm fresh as a daisy.


Keeping Your Truck In Good Shape Is Good Business

Whenever you are in the trucking business, your livelihood depends on keeping the trucks on the road. They only make money when they are hauling freight, and they are not hauling freight if they are sitting somewhere waiting on parts. If you need Kenworth T600 parts, or parts for any other make for that matter, places like Lynn Truck Parts can supply what you need to keep you going.

With as much time as these heavy vehicles spend on the road and the miles that are accumulated as a result, it is inevitable that they will occasionally need parts replaced. This may be because of mechanical problems or because of some type of damage that was incurred. Knowing where to turn during these times can get you back on the road in a timely manner so your truck can continue to bring in revenue.

One of the items that can sustain damage through no fault of anyone is a radiator. Something could fly up from the road surface and knock a hole in it. When this happens, you will not be going very much further without doing significant damage to the engine. As a result, replacing the radiator right away will prevent more serious damage.

Mirrors are things that can easily sustain damage and need to be replaced as a result. After all, they are sticking out from the side of the truck and are in a prime location to be struck by objects. Because these are objects that are critical to the safe operation of the vehicle, they must obviously be kept in good working order. This means a prompt replacement is necessary if damage occurs. In addition, the mirror covers can help with the aerodynamics of the vehicle, since they have a rounded shape to let the air flow around them more smoothly. This will also cut down on the amount of wind noise.

Keeping a vehicle in good shape is obviously important for its operation. It is also good for business. Customers who are in positions to decide which freight carrying company is going to be awarded their business are much likely to reward companies that keep their trucks in good shape visibly. When there are apparent flaws in the trucks cosmetics, the thing that runs through the decision maker’s mind is what else may not be working properly. They may begin to wonder if short cuts are being taken in other places like operating under legal hours of service laws.

Liverpool: How selling your house in the city has never been easier

If you live in Liverpool then selling your house in this region has never been so easy. Right now the housing market in and around the North West of England and in particular the city of Liverpool is very buoyant with local properties taking less than 6 weeks on average it sell from initial enquiry to completion.

Liverpool is very popular with buy to let Landlords who are looking to capitalise on a strong rental market and high yields. Properties within the region of £60,000 – £90,000 offer landlords the greatest returns and it is these 2 up and 2 down lower value properties that are selling like hot cakes.

Local estate agent Ask Susan said “We find there is a very strong demand for houses within this price range and these types of properties are selling very quickly in and around the outskirts of the city centre”

Related article: Liverpool: A Seller’s guide to selling your house quickly in 2016
Tips to sell your Liverpool based property

  • First impression matter – ensure your home is clean and tidy and ready for inspections from potential buyers. This may include repainting, cleaning the garden, clearing out any clutter, and making your home look its very best.
  • Ensure your home is correctly priced within its market. Compare prices within recent sold prices on your street and within your local area to ensure your home is correctly priced to sell quickly.
  • Consider using dual agents to sell your home. This may double the exposure you receive and may increase your chances of a quick sale at a good price.
  • Ensure your home is listed on all the major property portals such as and to ensure you receive maximum exposure.

Right now there has never been a better time to sell your property with quicker than ever sale times and above average sale prices being achieved for the right type of properties.



Most comfortable air mattress – all you need to know to choose right

Airbeds have entered the mainstream of interior design and are today not only a choice for moving or for having guests over, but a viable long term solution as well. But finding the most comfortable air mattress for your buck has never been so complicated.

With all the new technology additions, the never-flat pumps, the FiberTech materials, various designs of internal chambers, it gets too much for a regular person.

So, today, we’ll provide a concise list of tips for choosing the most comfortable air mattress (or inflatable bed, whichever you prefer).

Tip 1: Choose a mattress with a coiled design

One of the main issues of the old-school blow up beds is that they were not very supportive. The sleeper would sink to the middle of the bed which caused back problems for most people.

It’s what gave the bad name the air mattress companies are still trying to ditch.

Today, the better air mattresses feature what’s called a coiled design. In these airbeds, the sleeping surface is very firm – to the point that they feel like a real mattress.

It’s all due to the internal coils doing a much better job at distributing weight.

Flatter surface, more comfortable mattress.

Tip 2: Choose chambers

Modern airbeds feature what is called a dual chamber design which resolves the issue of rushes of cold air.

So, instead of beams, go with chambers when choosing a comfy airbed.

Tip 3: Consider EZ beds

If you are not looking for a camping air mattress (that would have to the sturdier and made from thicker PVC, yet easy to carry) but looking for temporary solution for guests or moving and EZ air mattress might be your solution.

EZ is just a name for a type of air mattresses that comes with a frame and keeps you safe of the ground.

These beds do cost more, but are much more durable and comfortable. And they look cooler, too.

Tip 4: Lock for a flocked top and a grip bottom

The better brands of inflatable beds almost always include both of the mentioned features.

The soft flocked top feels softer against the skin but, more importantly, “holds” sheets better. In non-flocked beds, the slippery surface of the PVC doesn’t hold the sheets and the friction between the two usually mean pilling of the sheets and a sore back for the sleeper.

Tip 5: Research and read reviews

The last tip is just common sense, before making a decision, filter down your choices to a few models and thoroughly read the reviews looking for the more comfortable option.

Look for “red lights” like warnings about air leaks or internal seams popping.

Search for reviews from in similar situations – for example, if you are looking for an air mattress for two, you’ll drill down through the reviews looking for couples sharing their experiences.

Last piece of advice

The whole point of this short instruction is to choose well and save in the process, but if it comes down to a few models, exclude the price from the equation.

Few things are more important than a good night’s sleep.




How Home Bloggers Can Stand Out from the Crowd in 2017

There’s no place like home, is there?

Home blogging is all-the-rage amongst home improvement enthusiasts; likewise, is can be a lucrative space for affiliate marketers looking to push home-based offers to their audiences.

But how can you ensure that your home blog stands out from the pack?

Perhaps the best way to uncover new traffic and make sure that your site outranks its competition is rather simple: give your readers what they want.

Based on your audience, consider how you can integrate the following topics into your home blog in the form of breaking news, reviews and how-to guides for your readers. The more content you produce concerning the following topics, the more likely your site is to stand tall above competitors in your space.

Smart Home Investments

Lately, it seems like the public is focused on making their houses “smarter.” The buzz around smart speaker technology and similar products is telling: people want to know how to design a home that makes their lives exponentially easier.

Whether it’s breaking down the Amazon Echo versus Google Home or other tech-based home hacks such as installing a bluetooth thermostat, even the seemingly smallest technology is making a big splash in the blogosphere. If you’re strapped for inspiration, simply take a look at the best-selling products in Amazon’s “home” section and start there.

Tips for a More Productive Home

Given the rise of work-from-home professionals and soloprenuers, the need to do business from home has never been greater. That being said, productivity is always an issue for first-time freelancers who perhaps are only used to working in a structured environment. By educating your readers about home office design and other productivity tips, you can give present your blog as a helpful resource and give a nod to your own expertise.

Green Home Solutions

Environmentally friendly home investments have likewise seen a boom in popularity over the years as the public is more interested in sustainability. You should stress to your readers that going green at home doesn’t have to be a headache, nor does it have to represent a financial burden. Perhaps start by suggesting cost-effective and simple solutions such as home-made cleaners and recycling tips for those looking to take baby steps toward going green.

House Hunting Tips

Bear in mind that a good chunk of your audience is probably already looking toward their next home. An in-depth house hunting guide is solid idea as you can explore niches such as young couples buying homes or tips for purchasing a fixer-upper. The more specific you get, the more likely you can integrate long-form keywords and uncover some seriously targeted traffic.

Capitalize on the Decluttering Craze

Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has sold millions of copies and is transforming the way that we look at the junk around our home. While the thesis of Kondo’s book is relatively straightforward, providing inspirational content to help  readers figure out what to keep and what to pitch serves as actionable, positive advice that goes beyond what they already know. Additionally, topics related to decluttering can transition into additional niche content such as creative storage solutions and how to declutter when you’re prepping for a move.

Despite popular belief, the world of home décor and design is constantly changing. By staying on top of trends, you increase the likelihood of grabbing the attention of more readers and outranking other bloggers in your space.




How to give your home a modern makeover

If you’re tired of all those worn old things and want to give your home a crisp new look that epitomises style, it’s time for a makeover. The modern home is all about impact. It should be simple but dramatic, resonant but sleek. You’ll have to strip away layers of accumulated living, but taking your home back to its most basic elements will give you the chance to reinvent it as a stunning modern space.

Focus on materials

Where other styles focus heavily on colour and texture, the modern look begins with basic construction materials. Glass and metal can be counterpointed with polished wood and stone. Wide floors of cedar or slate create an immediate sense of sophistication. Feature fireplaces can regain their former glory, but clad in bare marble with none of those Victorian flourishes. Copper, steel or black iron can create amazing pillars and surfaces, especially in the kitchen. All these materials preserve the hard edges that draw the eye to the way your home as been engineered – there’s no room for the softening effect of voile curtains or thick carpets. The sound of your stereo or your heels in the hallway should carry clearly, signalling your presence as an intrinsic part of your space.

Go bold

A modern home needs to be a bold one, so don’t be afraid to make loud design statements. Say it with stripes or vibrant floral patterns on a feature wall, and then add accent furniture in the same pattern or at least the same hues. Brighten up a plain wall with a dramatic piece of abstract art. Choose rugs in bright colours and striking geometric shapes, but use them sparingly. All the decorations in a given room should fit a simple theme. Don’t mix your themes within a single space, or you’ll risk making it look cluttered, which is in many ways the antithesis of what you’re aiming to achieve.

Simplify your furniture

Minimalism is not essential to modernism, but it serves it well. Much of what matters about the modern look is showing off key pieces of furniture in which you’ve invested a lot of time and effort, from the stripped pine Scandinavian table that runs the length of the kitchen to the elegant futon that alternately provides sitting and sleeping space in the bedroom. Ornaments should only be visible if they fit with your themes, so think storage, especially built-in storage that doesn’t interfere with those neat, hard lines, and keep other items like your books and DVDs where you can easily access them but hidden from view. When it comes to seating and tables, low furniture is particularly well suited to this type of design because it adds to the overall sense of space.

Switch to shutters

Light is a vital factor in modern design and the last thing you want is curtains cramping your style so do away with them and fit a pair of sleek and stylish shutters at every window. Louvered shutters give you the option of shutting the light out altogether, letting it flood in with no obstruction, or creating attractive lines of light that run across the room. Think about how sunbeams will move through each room over the course of the day, and arrange our furniture to make the most of this. Think of them as another design element that you can take control of in order to create the perfect space.

Big up the bathroom

Too often, bathrooms are neglected by home designers, but they’re well suited to a modern look so when you undertake this kind of makeover you should be making the most of them. Say goodbye to boring old white and pastels, and energise your bathroom with a splash of red or dark blue above the tiles. Add a bold piece of art to the bathroom wall. Replace you old tub with a freestanding one that’s guaranteed to make a statement. Even a small bathroom can look striking with touches like this, and it will really add to the character of your home.

Creating a home like this takes courage because it’s quite a departure from what most people are used to, but the results can be breathtaking. If you’re not sentimental and you’re willing to let the design come first, you can put together a home that will wow your guests and give you ongoing pleasure. It’s a great way to make a statement about your values – and your commitment to living in style.

Easier Rubbish Removal

How does your home, garage and garden look after Christmas? After getting all those presents, are you struggling with rubbish piling up everywhere? This probably is the case especially if you have been trying to remove all those things you no longer want to but have been unsuccessful with it.

Christmas is not the only time of year when you might want to do some cleaning around your house and garden. We usually get that desire to clean up and make order when spring comes, which is usually around the month of April. However, if you don’t want to wait for that long and you want your house to look cleaner today do not hesitate to contact somebody specialising in rubbish removal and you are good to go.

One problem with local authorities is that they are very picky when it comes to what you can or cannot recycle. When you put rubbish outside your house every week you only have a chance to recycle some very basic items such as milk bottle or juice boxes. But what happens if you want to recycle more than that? Does it mean that you are stuck in a rut? It does not have to be necessarily like that as you have many options that would allow you to get rid of your rubbish on a regular basis without the need to store it forever in your garage.

One thing I like about rubbish removal companies is the easiness with which it is to contact them and arrange rubbish removal. This means that if you have some old furniture you no longer need and want to get rid off you will be better off contacting somebody who is experienced in such matters. Not only will they arrange everything for you, but they will also collect your belongings and then deliver them to the right recycling facility.

Benefits of oak flooring

When you consider adding oak décor to your home, you may instantly think of oak beams and fireplace beams that add a cottage ambience to your home.

But have you considered how reclaimed oak flooring can add character and warmth to your home. Let’s look at some of the benefits of oak flooring:

Long lasting

Oak flooring lasts for decades; therefore, you will certainly get your money’s worth. Carpet will no doubt show wear and tear as well as stains over time which can make it look shabby fairly quickly. Reclaimed oak flooring comes with years of characteristic knots and texture requires minimal maintenance.

Matches any décor

The great thing about oak flooring is that it never goes out of fashion and can be matched to any interior. Whether you intend to go for a more rustic style of décor or something a little more contemporary, you can never go far wrong. Carpets and tiles with bold patterns are known to go out of fashion, but you will never have that worry.


Unlike carpets, hardwood oak flooring can easily be cleaned. All that is needed is a quick sweep around and your flooring looks as good as new. If there were ever any instances of muddy footprints, a mop would do the job.

What’s more, if you suffer from allergies, buying carpets is not a good idea. Oak flooring can be cleaned easily making the investment worth every penny.

Make your house more appealing

One of the things you may not be aware of when investing in hardwood flooring is that your house could sell twice as easily. Oak flooring may cost a little more than other options, but it will definitely save you plenty of time and money in the future and may be one of the best decisions that you ever make as a homeowner.

Still not sure if oak flooring is for your home? Have a look at these previous great projects from across the web:

UK Web Series Film Festival 2017

Following the success of last year’s event, the third annual UK Web Fest will be held on Saturday 21st October 2017 at the exclusive members establishment, Soho House Cinema, 76 Dean Street, London W1D 3SQ from 10AM-530PM with an awards ceremony and networking event after.

This is an opportunity for fans of exciting, independent digital content and media industry creatives to watch shortlisted web series. The awards will be presented in a number of different categories including Best Director, Best Production, Best International and Best UK Web Series, as well as the Industry Panel award of £500, which was won by Sci Fi web series Element 186. The orgainsers also promise to give back 10% of submission fees to a much-needed school lacking film equipment.

Additionally there will be a panel session at 3pm with industry panel speakers to be announced nearer the time. Last year Darren Chadwick- Hussein the creator of the award winning web series ‘The Bloody Mary Show’ and Judge Jett Garrison Head of Six Two Creative Production Company based in Los Angeles provided the interesting topics that were discussed on digital content creation, production and distribution.

Festival Founder and programmer Monica Y. Dee, of rKive Productions hopes the event will “inspire independent film makers to keep making web series because it is so ‘now’ and the possibilities with creating for the web is endless. When looking to submit my own web series production in the UK where I learnt my craft I was disappointed to only find one web fest here therefore I decided to set up another festival, not to be in competition but to create another platform for would be film makers like myself in one of the most recognisable countries the world knows. There is so much talent here and international filmmakers have embraced the festival and also want to show their work here.”

A new Partner for next year has entered the arena and any official selections or award-winning web series will automatically be given pride of place on a new web series app streaming only web series that will be announced in the new year.

For a full list of the programme and nominees taking part, please check UK Web Fest’s website.

Please carry on the conversation

Home Automation and How to Make Sense of It All

Back in the 1980s, VHS video recorders took America by storm. While young people seemed to quickly figure out how to work these new technologies, older people struggled. To this day, we are still treated to jokes about older people not being able to adapt technology. Regardless of your age, though, you may find modern home automation a bit confusing.

At the core of modern home automation is wireless technology. In order to control all the automated devices in the home, systems rely on wi-fi signals and home networks. They may use cellular signals for outside communications. The problem is, wi-fi and cellular signals do not always work the way you expect them to. Furthermore, people who don’t know anything about home automation may not even know what they need to know in order to buy the right kind of system.

Things That Can Be Automated

It pays to be able to understand how home automation works before investing in a system. The process of making sense of it all starts with knowing what can and cannot be automated. The most common devices currently supporting automation include thermostats and lighting. But there’s no need to stop there.

Virtually any device in your home that runs on electricity can be automated one way or another. Some devices can merely be turned on and off while other devices are capable of so much more. As just one example, the combination of a voice activated hub, wireless speakers, and internet connection makes it possible for you to stream all your favorite songs to any room in your home. The possibilities are only dependent on how much money you want to spend.

Communication within Home Automation

The next topic to brush up on is how communications occur between devices and systems. You have already read that devices within a system communicate wirelessly over a local wi-fi network. However, all outbound communications do not have to occur via cellular signals. There are systems that are capable of outbound communications over an existing broadband connection, reverting only to the cellular if the broadband goes out. This may be important in an area with good high-speed broadband but poor cellular signals.

It’s a good idea to investigate the best kind of system in the homeowner’s local area based on cell reception and broadband availability. In some cases, a cellular booster can make all the difference in the world.

Smartphone App Control

Tying the whole home automation concept together is the idea of mobility. In other words, one of the things that make home automation what it is today is the ability to control one’s system from anywhere in the world using a mobile device. To that end, home automation user should be familiar with how smartphone apps work. As long as a consumer is comfortable with a smartphone, he or she should not have any problem accessing and controlling a home automation system.

Nothing Beats Good Research

The new home automation consumer could read a couple of online reviews before making a decision about what purchase. Or he/she could take a few weeks to do as much solid research as necessary. This is the better way to go. Fortunately, there is a ton of information available online. Anyone willing to invest the time can learn all the ins and outs of home automation.

Along with that research is asking questions – and lots of them. Online forums and home automation service providers such as Florida-based are great resources. Indeed, it’s possible to fully understand home automation with a bit of research and some straight answers.

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