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3 Exterior Home Repairs That Require Immediate Attention

November 5, 2016 | 4 Comments

Interior repair jobs get immediate attention from homeowners because those jobs are easy to do, or the homeowner sees the damaged area often and wants to get it taken care of. But when it comes exterior repairs, they can often sit until they become major problems that require expensive repair work. It is important to address the more important exterior repairs around your home to make sure that you are not looking at a major crisis at some point in the future.

Driveway Repairs

Blacktop driveway repair is essential to prevent major cracking from destroying your driveway. When asphalt cracks, it does not take long for the rain and ice to start causing chunks of your driveway to start becoming dislodged. Drivers who are familiar with the damage potholes can do will appreciate the urgency of repairing a driveway before it becomes dangerous to drive on. Concrete driveways offer the same problem, and concrete tends to crumble and create sharp edges that can cause considerable damage to your vehicle. When you see that your driveway is in need of repair, you should attend to that repair need immediately.


Most homeowners do not realize that they are financially responsible if someone trips and hurts themselves while walking on damaged walkways. For example, you could find yourself being sued by the mail carrier if they trip and fall over your crumbling from walkway. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, you should check out all of your walkways at least once a month and make repairs as needed. The sidewalk in front of your home is not your responsibility to repair, but you should report any damage you see to your local government so they can take the necessary steps to make the sidewalks safe.


Trees can offer shade to a home and a place for children to hang a swing. But trees age and they can sometimes start to die without you realizing it. If your children put a swing on a dead tree branch, they could be injured. If a dead tree branch falls from your tree during a storm and damages the neighbor’s fence or car, then you could be financially liable. You need to have your trees maintained at least once a year by an expert to make sure they are safe.

When you pay attention to important exterior home repairs, then you can avoid situations that could cause your insurance premiums to go up. You will also be removing a potential hazard that could seriously hurt someone you care about.

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