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Why Do Basements Leak?

September 12, 2015 | Comments Off on Why Do Basements Leak?

Anything can go wrong with just about any component of a home, including the basement. In fact, leaky basements tend to be a common problem in households across the country.

Pressure Created by Water in the Surrounding Soil

This is by far the most common reason for basement leakage, and comes in two forms:

Hydrostatic Pressure – Water is present in the ground everywhere, even in dry spots like the Southwest. The level at which this ground water is found is referred to as the “water table.” When heavy rain or snowmelt happens, water is absorbed by soil near the surface.

When the surface soil gets saturated, the water that is not absorbed causes the water table to rise, thereby creating hydrostatic pressure against the home’s foundation that can force water into the basement and create leaks. In these situations, many times a polyurethane injection system can rectify the problem.

Lateral Pressure – The soil that surrounds a home’s foundation between the surface and the footings can absorb water. While certain types of soils (like sand) drain rather quickly and don’t absorb that much water, others (like clay soil) don’t drain as well and usually absorb quite a bit of water.

When the soil expands as a result of this absorption, it creates lateral pressure against the foundation wall, and can damage it and create leaks in the basement.

If you notice any leakage in your basement, be sure to visit to book an appointment to have the problem fixed right away.